01About Daiwa Kasei【 大和化成について】

Through small automotive parts that support global corporations,we provide extraordinary power for changing the world

As a corporation based in Aichi Prefecture, the manufacturing center of Japan, Daiwa Kasei serves as the driving force for world-leading domestic automotive manufacturers. We handle products in the specialized field of plastic fasteners for automobiles. Through small parts, we create a safer, more convenient, and more prosperous society. In order to provide satisfaction to automotive manufacturers who are our clients, we constantly pursue ease-of-use and conduct development for even better products.

02Daiwa Kasei’sR&D technology【 大和化成の技術開発力 】

Part development to support the quality and competitive ability of automotive manufacturers in the global market

Daiwa Kasei products are used by numerous automotive manufacturers including Toyota Motor Corporation. Although each one of our products is small, our products provide high quality for reliable fastening of important automotive components and product development that reduces workload in automobile assembly processes. Ultimately, we contribute to improved quality and increased productivity for automobiles.

03Equipment is made

The only way to turn ideas into products is to manufacture production equipment ourselves. This is the very starting point of our product making that knows no bounds.

Major progress in the realization of extreme energy-saving efficiency and space conservation is not possible using commercially-available equipment. We manufacture original equipment in-house to enhance the competitiveness of our products.The aims of in-house original equipment development are to realize “labor-saving and unmanned production” and “compact, energy-saving equipment appropriate for products.”


An article introducing our company has been published in Newsweek.

An interview with our president, Eiji Kojima, has recently been published in Newsweek magazine. The article covers our current roles, initiatives, and future vision as an automobile parts manufacturer supporting Japan’s culture of monozukuri (manufacturing with a high level of craftsmanship) within the automobile industry, which is facing a period of transition due to the rise of overseas manufacturers and a shift toward electric vehicles.


A weekly, international news magazine founded in the U.S. in 1933. It analyzes and provides high-quality, insightful information with a focus on politics, economics, social conditions, and other world news from a unique perspective. Along with Time magazine, it is one of the three largest weekly news magazines in the U.S. It is published in 59 countries and in six languages, including Japanese.

The goals of Daiwa Kasei

Plastic fasteners for automobiles in the specialized field of wiring harness clamps. To improve our powerful development capabilities as a specialized manufacturer, we are always looking for even better products throughout all our processes from research and development to quality assurance.

Introduction to products

We produce automobile fastening components such as wire harness clamps and interior/exterior clips that are used by many auto manufacturers in Japan. Please take a look at Daiwa Kasei products that support the world’s leading industries.

Overseas bases

Daiwa Kasei has overseas bases in the U.S., Thailand, Netherlands, China, and India. To ensure speedier response, we supply components locally needed by Japanese auto-makers to meet the needs of their global strategies.

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